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Your willingness to challenge your learnt behaviors is really inspiring ! Thank you souch for this great read.

I have grown in a culture where challenging myself, test my abilities, strength, dexterity, cleverness, whatever, was fun and desirable. So I was always intrigued (when not sad) to see women usually choose the "humble option".

(I'm not saying that the competitive mindset doesn't come with its load of difficulties as well, always comparing yourself to someone else could actually be among the worsts.)

It almost seemed to me that there was also a factor of peer pressure among women over in the decision to choose the slow lane over the fast one.

Is it true ? Did you feel something of this type ?

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Thank you ✨ I think it is commonly accepted that men are competitive with each other, it somehow is a healthy personality trait, even. When women show signs of ambition and competitiveness however, there is a whole set of adjectives that are really efficient to put them back in place. Women are often not women's best friends. Scarcity (if she's great, I suck) versus abundance mindset (let's all be badass)...?

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